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Yog Sadhana

Based on atomic, cosmic to the infinite universe Param Gurudev have provided the ultimate way of yog and sadhana

Shree Rudram Brahm Vidhya

Shree Rudhram Vidhya Yoga liberates us from from the cycle of birth and death.

shree rudram brahm bidhya

Success comes with knowledge, and awareness is the root of knowledge. Education is the basis of achieving awareness. The art of knowing the truth is possible only through education. Through the right education, awareness level can be increased. Awareness then gives birth to inner knowledge known as Gyana. With this Gyana all other delusions collapses. All other negative instincts such as lust, anger, greed, jealousy, envy, pride, arrogance, fear, grief, and shame are also dissolved from our minds and heart. We start seeing every creation as one and start loving every being equally. At this stage, we become Brahma and start seeing everyone as Brahma. The light within us starts shining everywhere. Everyone becomes happier by staying near such a divine person. Thus, the realization of our inner soul and being able to align with ultimate Brahma should be the goal of every being. Then only can we have the feeling of completeness within ourselves. To help us realize our inner self (soul), Param Gurudev Shree Trikuteshworananda has introduced us to Shree Rudram Brahm Yog Bidhya, and through this practice, everyone will be able to uplift themselves into divine beings and spread the message of love, peace, and harmony to society.

Ultimate Divine Healing

Special knowledge of the treatment based on the principle of trit and the most secret methods.

ultimate divine healing

Under Ultimate Divine Healing different methods based on principle of Tridosha, Panchatatva, Panchaprana, and principle of duality are discovered by Param Gurudev. Stability of body depends upon tridosha and stability of tridosha depends upon panchatatva. In similar manner stability of panchatatva depends upon panchaprana. Panchatatva is responsible for creating our body whereas panchaprana is responsible for creating metaphysical (energy) body. The root cause of all the problem and solution in our physical body is hidden within this metaphysical body. By proper investigation and knowledge of panchaprana, all kind of disease such as hereditary, chronic, physiological are healed using this method. Along with this all of the chakras and nadi are cleaned by this process.

Ultimate Divine Yog

To attain ultimate accomplishment and the state of nirvana

ultimate divine yog

Here, Shree Rudram Yog from beginner level up to master level is taught. Each participant gets the opportunity to ponder upon various subtle and essential knowledge of Shree Rudram Yog. The yogi begins to realize the real essence of yoga and starts submerging into param-ras. They acquire the most secret knowledge and methods of yog, from which the yogi can easily go to a state of shat-chit-ananda. They can align their consciousness with the ultimate consciousness easily. They are also capable of exploring and researching different methods of yogic science.

Ultimate Divine Meditation

For everyone to easily get spirituality, knowledge and supreme grace

ultimate divine meditation

Here, different kinds of sadhana based on panchatatva, panchaprana and other dhyana like lingam siddha dhyana, chakra siddha dhyana, ultimate consciousness siddha dhyana, mahakundaline siddha dhyana are learnt and practiced. Sadhaks are capable of awakening all the chakras and uplifting the prana energy to the crown chakra. He can align himself in both the natural and paranatural realms. Sadhak of such ability is called a brahmayogi. By continuously practicing these Dhyana, a sadhak is capable of reaching the level of God and Goddess.

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