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सत्यमार्गको शंखनाद-एक सत्य र संकल्पको पुनर्जन्म

Gurudham establishment from Param Gurudev

Om shree trikuta gurudhma nepal
Superstitions and malpractice have been one of the root causes of all the suffering. To eradicate this suffering, Param Gurudev has been spreading knowledge of self through Swogyan Shikshya Saptah. He has also been helping spiritual seekers of different castes, ages, and community groups to achieve their ultimate goal of spirituality by providing the right way through various sadhanas, shikshya, and dikshya. To bring peace and harmony in society, Gurudev has been providing sadhana and mahayagyas and bringing positive changes in the lives of the people by awakening the divinity hidden within them.
To make things official, Om Shree Trikuta Gurudham Nepal was established on BS 2072/2/25. Since its establishment, various kinds of shikshya, initiation, sadhana, and health camps have been organized on various auspicious occasions. People from all over the world have participated in these programs and were able to learn to live a peaceful life. Nepal has been considered the center point of this entire universe. Also, from the land structure point of view, Nepal is located at the topmost part of the land structure. Nepal is also considered as Tapobhumi, a place where great sages, rishis, and divine souls were once born and spread the message of peace and harmony all over the world. Once again, the time has come to spread the knowledge of spirituality and bring peace and harmony to the entire universe.

Mahayagya introduced by Param Gurudev

Gurudev have introduced different kind of meditation, sadhana and yagyas which when done brings peace, harmony and balance in the society and the nature.

Sarva Aishwarya Pradayak Ati Bishesh Mahayagya

sarwa aishwarya

Life is changing every day. This changeability in life is due to our desires and the dreams that we have. We want to earn lots of possessions and live a healthy and prosperous life. For that, we need to have the willpower to work on the plan of action. And in order to hold onto the things that we have achieved, we also need to change our old and worn out thinking patterns and lifestyle and adopt a new lifestyle. This is the process of transformation. And transformation happens from the inside when we acquire proper knowledge. There are the three aspects of a successful life, which are wealth, knowledge, and will-power, also known as Mahalaxmi, Mahasarswati, and Mahakali in Sanatan civilization. These three forces are complementary to each other. Without one another, the other two would fail to provide a happy, healthy, and prosperous life. So to balance out the deficiency of any of this power, Param Gurudev has provided us with the Mahayagya called Sarva Aishwarya Pradayak Ati Bishesh Mahayagya.

Mrityakshari Stotra Mahayagya


Mrityakshari Stotram Mahayagya in itself is the ultimate grace showered from higher cosmos. It destroys all the negative forces around us just by chanting the mantras in this Mahayagya. Mrityakshari Stotra Mahayagya is the ultimate grace of Lord Rudra where he destroys all the suffering and provides divinity and salvation. This Mahayaga directly maintains the connection with the Param-Atma Energy Source. It is said in the Rudra Upanishad that Shiva and Uma are inseparable; they together manifest as all gods and goddesses, all animate and inanimate realities of the universe. As a result, even the most commonplace person can easily sense the divine blessings in this Mahayagya. This Mahayagya destroys negative energies up to 500m away from the place where Mrityakshari Stotram Mahayagya is performed. It destroys any germs or bacteria, cleanses and purifies the surrounding environment, and also prevents any bad or unpleasant events from happening.

Mritunjaya Jeevan Prapti Mahayagya


In this universe, along with time velocity, the circumstances are changing continuously. Along with this change, sometimes good circumstances are created and sometimes worse circumstances are generated. Due to this, all beings have to suffer in one way or another. The occurrence of disasters such as landslides, floods, heavy rainfall, and earthquakes has destroyed the inhabitants of a large majority of living beings. These kinds of circumstances are being created as a consequence of human deeds, and sometimes nature plays this card to bring balance to the world. At the very beginning of time, along with the creation of this existence, some negative energy was also created alongside, and Mother Nature uses this energy to bring balance to nature. After deep research and study of this cause, great Rishis and yogis, along with Lord Shiva, used to organize the Yaga and do fasting to bring out balance in nature without causing any kind of natural disaster. And it was called Mritunjaya Jeevan Prapti Mahayagya. By doing this mahayagya every 5 years, various unnatural or natural disasters could be prevented and bring balance to nature.

Pitrimukti Karyakram


Among all the divine creations introduced by Paramguru Shree Trikutananda, Pitrimukti shaktipath is one of the highest forms of blessings. The main purpose of Pitrimukti Karyakram is to liberate the subtle soul from the ancestral (hell) world, living with sorrow and pain. They remain in the ghost body, and they are trapped in the ancestral world until they are released from it. By the supreme grace of Param Gurudev, Guruama, and Divyaputra, many subtle souls and dead forefathers got the opportunity to be free from all suffering and attain the divine body.

Yog And sadhana guided by Param Gurudev

Gurudev have introduced different kind of meditation, sadhana and yagyas for the betterment of people life and mother nature to bring peace and harmony among the people.


  • Swogyan Shiksha Saptah (Source of action, Character and Thought, first Step of Brahma Vidya Sadhana)
  • Ultimate Divine Meditation (Various level of Shri Rudram Brahma Yog Vidya)
  • Shri Rudram Brahma Yog Vidya Sadhana- with Shaktipaat
  • Information related to gurudham logo
  • The science of element and creation (tatwo ra shristi)
  • The science of Astrology


  • Guru Diksha
  • Guru Chaitanya Diksha
  • Guru Sampran Diksha
  • Shri Vidya Diksha
  • Brahma bij jagaran Diksha
  • Third Eye Activation Diksha
  • Trikundalini Activation Diksha
  • Various initiations

Special Sadhanas

  • Pranav Sadhana
  • Ista Sadhana
  • Charitankush Sadhana
  • Tatwo Jagaran Sadhana
  • Trikundalini Jagaran Sadhana
Sogyan shikshya

Gurudham’s accomplishment

Gurudham accomplishment
Gurudham is a non-political, non-governmental, and non-profit-making spiritual and social organization that has so far benefited people from different fields, classes, religions, sects, creeds, etc. Devotees and seekers affiliated with the Gurudham and others have been receiving various types of spiritual education, spiritual sadhana, Mahayagya, and health services and have experienced a lot of positive changes in their lives. Chronic, incurable, and long-term complex diseases that couldn't be cured with the help of allopathic, homeopathic, and other treatments have been cured by the grace of the Paramguru and the patients, after being cured, have been able to live a happy and healthy life. Many devotees were able to free themselves from tamasic instincts like meat, alcohol, and various intoxicants. Many people have changed their personalities as a result of Sogyan Shikshya Saptah, becoming kind, animal lovers, caregivers, and helpful people.

Om Shree Trikuta Gurudham Nepal

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